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mary anne rodmacher(From iiinspired)

Today, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out. Why I’m having this surgery at age 24 rather than age 18 I couldn’t really tell you, but these unfortunate circumstances had me thinking… I’ve always been one to just sort of barrel through life and figure it out as I go along. My dentist told me I should get my wisdom teeth out eventually and I basically ignored him, going about my business, until an infection added a sense of urgency. In the same way, I’ve kind of been approaching this blog with a devil-may-care attitude, changing things as I go along, not really doing my homework on best practices, trying things out that I hate, trying things out that I love but then don’t have the energy to maintain.

In reflecting on this experience thus far (it’s only been about six months, after all), I can definitely say I’ve experienced some of the frustrations that come with not consulting with someone on how this blogging works.

Exhibit A — I had no idea how drastic the distinction between WordPress.com and WordPress.org was. This might sound like gibberish to non-bloggers, but I’m basically having a life crisis over how many freedoms I do or do not have with this site, and I should probably have just payed someone to tell me in the first place to save myself time and energy.

If nothing else, this is just me saying I’m going to take a little step back and figure out what I want out of this experience. I’ve drawn wonderful inspiration from fellow bloggers who are much farther along in their journeys than I — namely Joy the Baker on this occasion and this one and The Now Stylebook here.

I started this blog as a creative outlet and a way to chronicle the things that make me tick. But life gets in the way, and a full-time job gets in the way, and I’ve neglected my corner of the Internet a bit. So in addition to aspirations for dressing up my design and making navigation more clear, I’m hoping to work through what I want this blog to reflect. And how. I’m really not an exclusively clothes person… or an exclusively food person. And I really love interior design. And art. Stay tuned to see where we’ll go next…


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To make good on one of my first goals to make this a more inclusive atmosphere, I’d love to hear what you all have to say.

Comment away, tell me what you do or don’t like, tell me what you’d like to see, post tips or suggestions, I’m all ears!